What is Mohs Scale of Hardness?

Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness is a common method used to rank the relative hardness of a gemstone or mineral by its resistance to scratching. Developed by a German mineralogist Friedrich Moh in 1812, this scale grades minerals on a scale from 1 (very soft) to 10 (very hard). The higher the number on the Mohs Scale, the stronger the metal, therefore, it is less likely to bend or scratch. Unlike traditional metals such as gold, silver, and platinum that require greater care to maintain their luster, alternative metal rings are virtually care-free. 


Diamond: 10
Tungsten Carbide: 9
Ceramic: 7.5
Cobalt: 7.5
Titanium: 6
Platinum: 4
Gold, Silver: 2.5

Talc: 1


Tungsten Nation Team
Tungsten Nation Team


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